Queen Beyoncé Prevails Once Again with 7/11 Video

Queen Beyoncé Prevails Once Again with 7/11 Video

Beyoncé has dropped multiple bombs in the music world today, starting with her surprised album drop, “Beyoncé,” in December of 2013. Months later she surprised millions with the announcement of her baby bump at the VMAS.

Now, with 23 million hits in 3 days, she has successfully dropped another hit with her 7/11 music video, which is truly perfection. The song 7/11 is about being carefree, pertaining lyrics that are fun and express movement and dancing.

This music video takes place in Beyoncé’s messy hotel room, showing the not so glamorous and perfect side of her life. With no makeup or hair done, she effortlessly dances around her unmade bed, sporting a “Kale” sweatshirt and only underwear. Fans were stunned and amazed at how Beyoncé had pulled another amazing stunt out of the blue.

“Beyoncé is the queen so it was obviously amazing,” Emily Eldh ’16 said.

Using a GoPro to film herself, it feel as if you’re her best friend watching her make a fool of herself. Her backup dancers float in the background, bringing out Beyoncé’s giggly and friendly personality.

This music video is something that Beyoncé has never done, and has proved to be successful and intriguing to audiences around the globe.

Joe Blaikie ’17 has been a long time Beyoncé fan and was thrilled about her surprise release saying, “only queen Beyoncé could do something so shocking as that and actually succeed in doing it.”

Even fans who don’t know much about Beyoncé feel as if they have connected with her in a special way.

“The messy hotel room was something that really showed that she didn’t care what people thought as long as she was having fun,” Bennett Propp ’15 said. “I’m going to be a long time Beyoncé fan after this music video for sure.”

If she continues to surprise her fans like this, then Beyoncé will be even more of a queen than she already is. I’ve always wanted to be friends with Beyoncé, but after this music video, I would do anything in my power to be able to dance around a hotel room with her.