New Levitt Pavillion lights up large crowds


Chase Gornbein , Staff Writer

Located in downtown Westport adjacent to the Saugatuck River, the Levitt Pavillion has gone through a series of renovations in efforts to draw much larger crowds.

Although Greg Fisher ’15 has never witnessed a concert at the Pavillion, he is still awestruck by the amazing renovations that have taken place.

“It’s really cool. I have never gone to a concert there, but when I have gone during the day it’s pretty unbelievable,” Fisher said. “The stage is located in perfect position, and the lawn for people to relax on is perfect for a nice peaceful evening.”

Shane Tighe ’16, who attended the Black 47 farewell tour concert on July 25th, was amazed by both the performance and the atmosphere surrounding the Levitt.

“The music was awesome, and the Pavillion hosted a great band.” Tighe said. “Besides that though, the stage really enamored me. Having such vibrant colors was a spectacle to see.”

This past summer, the Pavillion provided over 50 nights of live entertainment and art, free of charge, to an audience of roughly 50,000 people for the entire summer. Designed by Peter Cadoux, Principal of Peter Cadoux Architects, P.C. the pavillion has an entirely updated stage, including its new technical equipment to enhance performances.

Gabriel Holm ’17 had always thought the old Levitt Pavillion needed remodeling.

Holm believed it was too crowded. “It was very tightly compacted and crowded; it felt as if there was no place to breathe.”

Drawing in over 50,000 people, the newly redesigned space and remodeled Levitt Pavillion has certainly been a success this past summer.

Jake Berman ’15 put it best.

“I think it’s a great addition to Westport. The old Levitt Pavilion was falling apart, and it didn’t draw crowds to come see shows or live concerts.” Berman said. “However, the new Levitt is very nice and attracts more people, which is great for the community.”