Staples munches on these top four snacks

The bell may ring at 2:15 but for many Staples students but the day isn’t over. Students have to keep their energy up for a couple more hours whether they’re going to track practice, Best Buddies, or Players rehearsal. Here are some of students’ favorite ways to keep themselves fueled for the rest of the day:

1. Apples with peanut butter

Tennis player Julia Bartimer ’16 usually eats apples and peanut butter between school and practice. The apples give quick energy with their natural sugar and peanut butter is packed with protein and healthy unsaturated fats, which curb hunger.

2. SkinnyPop Popcorn

Maddy Rozynek ’14 munches on SkinnyPop, a 100-calorie bag of popcorn, between school and Players rehearsal. “I like it because it’s considered to be a healthier carb and its tastes really good,” Rozynek said. According to the SkinnyPop website, “Our popcorn has no GMO’s, gluten, or preservatives, making SkinnyPop a tasty, guilt free snack.”

3. Yogurt covered pretzels

Yogurt covered pretzels are, volleyball player, John Fincher’s ’16  favorite food to snack on before practice. They are a way to sweeten normal pretzels, which contain fiber and are high in iron, which according to Healthy Eating provides “short-term storage of oxygen in your muscles so that you have enough to meet the demands of increased activity.” Yogurt covered pretzels can be purchased from most local food stores or can be made at home.

4. Bagels

The versatility of bagel types and  toppings keep this energy filled snack interesting.  Mira Patel ’16 eats a plain bagel with cream cheese to keep her energized between school and swim practice. Whole-wheat bagels are a good source of fiber, which keeps you full, and cream cheese contains calcium and protein.