There’s a fiesta at Border Grill

Border Grill, conveniently located right next to Athletic Shoe Factory on Post Road East, has brought the Mexican food taste to Westport within its small wooden doors for a number of years.

Staples students flock to Border Grill to fulfill their Mexican food desires, “The Grill is perfect for a quick bite to eat when you’re in the mood for something outside of the box,” said Nick Ward ‘14.

The small shack has limited wooden stool seating against the walls, and outdoor bench seating. The Grill prides themselves on hosting a variety of authentic Mexican style choices for customers, something that will help Border Grill when rival Mexican food chain Chipotle moves into town.

Border Grill is perfect if you are looking for a quick meal with a short wait, as it almost never has a line.

I recommend the chicken cheese quesadilla with sour cream and guacamole and a churro to top it off.

Other favorites include the burrito, in which customers like to add anything they want in the realm of Mexican food possibilities.

“The chicken taco tastes like what I imagine Heaven tastes like,” said Kaela O’Kelly ‘15.