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“Bangerz” leaves Miley’s old image behind

This is one of the many album covers for Bangerz. The image is from 
Billboard. com
This is one of the many album covers for “Bangerz.” The image is from Billboard. com

What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of Miley Cyrus? Is it Hannah Montana? Is it Liam Hemsworth? Or is it Twerking?

In the past couple of weeks, Miley Cyrus has taken over the media, and with her new album release, it will surely keep her well-talked about. With “We Can’t Stop” and Wrecking Ball” coming out before the official release of “Bangerz,” I was looking forward to what other songs Miley could bring, but I was slightly disappointed.

Here is the general theme of her album: partying, angry “I-hate-my-ex” songs, and rap. Lots of rap.

Cyrus tries to rap in multiple songs, such as “SMS (Bangerz)” and “Love Money”. Britney Spears sings some snippets in “SMS (Bangerz)” and for the few parts she does sing, she totally owns Cyrus. Cyrus keeps trying to rap about “bangerz.” I have no idea what “bangerz” is, so I was slightly confused throughout the whole song.

My favorite song out of them all on the album was definitely “FU” featuring French Montana.  In “FU,” Cyrus says “I told you I was weak for love/then you went around and did what you wanted to do”, clearly angry at someone (we all know who), and is definitely one of those angry breakup songs.

I LOVE it. The fast pace of the song is awesome.

Her chorus line is “I’ve got two letters for you/one of them’s f/the other one’s u”. It made me laugh. This is one of those songs to make you feel better after a breakup.

“Wrecking Ball” is another one of the breakup songs on her album. The only negative thing I have to say about this song is 1) her music video and 2) she can’t hit the high notes. The music video was really weird. I didn’t understand why she had to be naked on a wrecking ball. It just doesn’t seem to be sanitary. In addition, it just sounds like she’s shouting in the chorus when she sings “I came in like a wrecking ball.”

Her song “Maybe You’re Right” is a better slow, sad, breakup song than “Wrecking Ball.” Cyrus can actually hit the high notes in “Maybe You’re Right.”

Even though Cyrus tries to branch out from her past, teeny-bopper pop music with the hip-hop inspired songs on this album, Cyrus just can’t seem to execute her new genre of music nicely. Maybe for her next album she’ll “#GETITRIGHT” because I give this album a 6/10.

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  • K

    Kaila FinnOct 22, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    I love this album