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“Wildflower” Review

Since its beginning 10 years ago, American Idol has been the birthplace of multiple Grammy winning artists, umpteen #1 Singles on the Billboard Top 100 and even one Oscar winner. And after this 2011 season, it looks as though Idol may have discovered another hidden gem.

Lauren Alaina began her career on the show at a mere 15 years old, and completed her Season 10 one year older, and as the runner up to 17 year old Scotty McCreery. Unlike many Idol runner-ups (and even some winners), Alaina did not fade into oblivion after the show ended in May. On Oct. 11, she released her debut album entitled Wildflower.

The album features the song written specifically for her during Idol, “Like My Mother Does,” along with many other songs aptly named for her Southern roots and country style.

Wildflower begins with “Georgia Peaches”, an upbeat and catchy song, which is similar to the rest of the songs on the album: very country. The lyrics to “Georgia Peaches” do get a little cheesy at times, but for the most part the first song on Alaina’s debut album is age appropriate and fun.

Alaina’s signature song “Like My Mother Does” is the most memorable track on the album, partly because of the emotional response it received during the show. Contrary to most artists, the live version of “Like My Mother Does” was significantly better than the recorded version and the song is the only one on the album that is not country.

Wildflower is not for everyone. For those enthusiastic lovers of classic country, I’d steer clear of this new, Taylor Swift-esque artist who seems to be sticking with age-appropriate songs about boys, school, and her mother.

For Carrie Underwood lovers, Wildflower will sound fairly familiar, as Lauren Alaina was compared throughout her run on Idol to Underwood, who also got her start on the show.

To sum things up, if you like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood or any other young Southern belles, Wildflower is for you.

Lauren Alaina’s album Wildflower hits stores on Oct. 11

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