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As demonstrated by the photo above, the syllabus’ for the two classes vary not only in subject but also intensity and depth. They do not follow the same curriculum and are two entirely separate classes within the same 4 walls.

Combining Painting, Advanced Painting classes into one period results in mixed feelings

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager October 11, 2023

For the fall semester of 2023, Staples combined both painting and Advanced Painting classes into the same period. The decision was made because there were not enough people registered for each class...

VSCO provides a platform that removes the external stressors of likes and follows but still brings in a feed of photos. It also doubles as a photo editing app.

VSCO serves as a safe haven on social media

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager May 12, 2023

No likes, no comments, no following count. VSCO, a photo editing and sharing platform, provides an escape from social media’s stigmas and standards. The app is filled with profiles featuring photos...

Some students choose to take the ACT on top of the required SAT, as it is a differently structured test and can play to certain strengths the SAT does not.

Standardized testing culture jumpstarts an early start in preparations

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager March 20, 2023

It is not uncommon at Staples to see students as young as sophomores getting tutoring for standardized testing. Test culture has changed significantly in the past 20 years. Particularly after the passing...

A new proposal by the math department suggests removing the display of the decimal points in PowerSchool.

Math department proposes removal of decimal point display in PowerSchool gradebook

Mia Kirkorsky ’24, Business Manager February 14, 2023

It’s thanks to the website we all know and love that students and parents have 24/7 access to their grades- shoutout PowerSchool! Through Westport Public School’s online system of reporting grades,...

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