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Giving thanks isnt always easy, especially when the table is weighted with more than just food. During Thanksgiving, some of the most challenging battles are fought within.

Should I be thankful for Thanksgivings like this?

Ava Chun ’25, Paper Arts Editor November 3, 2023

As I pick out my outfit I picture all my flaws in each piece of clothing as I slowly tear my closet apart. When I finally pick something perfect to wear, I start my makeup.   Yet, it takes me hours...

Staples Chartwell staff remains just as busy even without properly working toasters. Students go to order their unique sandwiches that come with a special Chartwell touch. Students line up every lunch wave to see and check in on their favorite staff members.

Cafeteria faces student outcry over absence of hot sandwiches

Ava Chun '25, Paper Arts Editor October 26, 2023

It was revealed that in the Staples cafeteria on Oct. 18, Chartwells is looking into solely having panini presses instead of the toasters due to the technical complications with the toaster ovens, which...

Science teacher Tracy Soffa loves the environment at Staples and encourages the kindness and enthusiasm that each student brings to class everyday.  One piece of advice that Soffa has is to not be afraid to ask questions. Teachers are there to help explain things in all different ways. Never be afraid to reach out.

Get to know science teacher Tracy Soffa

Ava Chun '25 and Alexis Jacobs '26 September 26, 2023

Science teacher Tracy Soffa enters her first year at Staples High School but not her first year of teaching. After 24 years of teaching at West Hartford, Easton and in Virginia, Soffa now teaches Physics...

 At the beginning of the movie we see the characters receive an invitation. On that invitation has an evil eye or a mati and it refers to Miles Bron and his connection to his friends, the disruptors.

‘Glass Onion’ fails to meet high expectations

Ava Chun '25, Paper Arts Editor January 11, 2023

Watching as the mystery unravels, secret after secret, lie after lie. Each character is revealed to us in layers, like an onion.  “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” satisfies the mystery hunters,...

Meehan sells cookies for $4 a cookie and 50 cents for special wrapping. For cakes it varies between $40-$60. It takes Meehan around four hours to complete an order, depending on the dessert.

CookiedByC creates countless customized cookies, cakes

Ava Chun '25, Paper Arts Editor December 22, 2022

After performing in my dance studio's 40th annual Nutcracker two years ago, I was handed a cookie that was beautifully decorated with a rose, as it was the role I played in the performance. I looked around...

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