Calls for Trump’s impeachment are baseless


Booked For Impeachment? If Impeached, Donald Trump would become the third President to be impeached. For Trump to be impeached, the House of Representatives needs two-thirds of Representatives to vote for impeachment. After this vote, the Senate performs a trial to see if the President should be acquitted.

The release of the Mueller report has only further entrenched people’s support or opposition of President Donald Trump on all sides of the political spectrum. Trump opposers argue that his unreported meetings with Russian officials and the firing of James Comey are evidence of conspiracy to collude and an obstruction of justice.  But I join Trump’s supporters given that the current findings are not a basis for impeachment.

For Trump to be impeached, there would need to be evidence proving that Trump is guilty of the “crimes” he committed. There is none of that in the Mueller report.

The Mueller report declares that Trump did not conspire to collude against the U.S. with the Russians. Yes, there was evidence that Trump had links with Russia, but there is no concrete evidence that he conspired with the Russians to  conspire against Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Furthermore, there is no evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Trump obstructed justice. For Trump to be found guilty, the report would have needed to find evidence that proves him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. No evidence in the report does this, as the evidence presented only adds to the grey area surrounding this charge. This event led Mueller to declare that “While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

But many still call for Trump to be ousted from his seat of presidency. One of these people is Rep. Justin Amash, a Republican from Michigan who is crossing party lines and is standing with the left. Amash brings up a point in a tweet that “there were many crimes revealed by the investigation, some of which were charged.”

What Amash fails to realize is that Trump has been charged with no crimes whatsoever. Amash is blatantly lying as a way to gain political power, and this pursuit for power has caused him to lie to the public.

The Mueller report explicitly shows us that Trump should not be impeached, as there is not enough information to indict him of any crimes. It would be anti-American to impeach him under the circumstances we have, and any claims to do so are based in lies, and misconstrued information. Any continuation of this investigation would beat the dead horse that is the campaign to impeach, and would cast Trump’s detractors in a bad light ahead of the 2020 elections.