PETA deceives and annoys the public, kills instead of helps animals


PETA, a group who claims that they prevent animal cruelty, has recently been contributing to it. Because this typically goes unnoticed by the majority of the population, the public needs to start acknowledging that PETA is not as innocent as it seems.

Over the years, PETA has been characterized as an organization whose main goal is to save animals. They have been responsible for making thousands go vegan with their sappy public service announcements on the Internet, television, and all around American cities and streets. However, the group that was meant to prevent animal cruelty actually contributes to it. This is going by unnoticed by the majority of the population and needs to be recognized by the public that PETA is not the animal saviors they say they are.
PETA has killed over 39,000 dogs and cat since 1998. That is 84.46 percent of the dogs and cats they receive from naïve pet rescuers. In some cases, they violate grace period laws requiring a certain amount of time to pass in order for owners to claim their pets from shelters prior to euthanizing. This was the case for a pet Chihuahua named Maya who was abducted by PETA officials in 2014. They euthanized her within hours and two days later sent her family a fruit basket. The family then sued and won $49,000 four years later, but this does not make just the fact that a dog was kidnapped and killed by an animal cruelty prevention group.
They do this because PETA’s goal is to get rid of pets. Ingrid Newkirk, the co-founder of PETA, has said “if [humans] want companionship, they should seek it with their own kind.” Newkirk has also said that outdoor cats would be better off dead due to the chance they get run over by a car or contract an illness. This is the person that leads the leading “animal rescue” group in America, a person who thinks that pets should not be companions, but should be like deer, roaming the wild.
To make sure that PETA doesn’t get your money (they received $53 million last year), donate to smaller movements, such as local animal shelters, instead of donating to a corrupt nationwide movement. That way, PETA won’t be the most influential animal rights group, because they abuse their power.