Karaoke Friday at Staples defeats purpose of library

Karaoke Friday at Staples defeats purpose of library

When the second lunch bell rings, I finish my lunch and walk to the library to finish homework. I sit down at an empty table, unpack my materials and work on my assignments. About 30 seconds in, I hear the beginning notes of “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi and dread what will soon be the worst and most unproductive free period.

Karaoke in the library takes place about once or twice a month on Fridays during the lunch period. It is a time for students to sing any songs they desire. This event, although exciting to watch, is distracting and affects the ability of students to focus and get work done in the library.

Although there are always minor distractions throughout the day, the library is generally a quiet environment that is a great place to study. However, having loud music, singers, and cheering from the students just interferes with the focus of students who are trying to get work done and negates the library’s primary purpose.

I recognize that karaoke in the library can be a great way to forget about any tests or work one might have and thus relieve some of the stress of school. And maybe, if I didn’t have any work during this time, I would go up and enjoy the performances. But this isn’t feasible with the amount of work most students have. The loud music can be heard at all the way in the back–– even in the purported “quiet” zone.

The library at Staples creates the perfect place for students to study and do work; however, with karaoke, it is not. Karaoke is simply too loud of an event for the library to host it. While I acknowledge the well-intentioned attempts of the library to integrate an entertaining activity to the stressful school day, ultimately, it is too much of a distraction for students who come to the library to work.