One month in and the iPhone X excels, but may not be worth its price


iPhone “ex.” iPhone “10.” “Ex.” “10.” Whatever the name, it is a futuristic phone, but the whopping $1,000 price tag still may be too high.

Unboxing the phone was thrilling. An all-screen iPhone with no home button, an OLED display and wireless charging sounds perfect and like nothing can be improved. One month has passed and the phone is incredible but it may not be worth $1,000.

The new OLED display is beautiful with the “true color” setting and very battery efficient. Despite its beauty, the color difference between the old LCD display on prior iPhones and the new display is not very noticeable. The all-screen display is incredible, with the entire front of the phone except for a small notch at the top being part of the screen. While many people have had doubts about not having a home button, I have gotten used to it, and it is not a problem.

Face ID seems like a very innovative concept, and it is flawless on the iPhone X. It only takes one try to get into the phone unlike the old fingerprint sensor. The only time it cannot be used is the first time the phone is opened since it has turned on, so it is almost always the best way to open the phone.

The other crucial aspect for me of the iPhone X is increased battery life. For many reasons, including the OLED display, the battery lasts for an extraordinarily long time. I have owned the phone for slightly over a month, and my battery has only died twice.

Closely attached to the topic of battery life, the addition of wireless charging to the iPhone X was intriguing. Wireless charging was new for iPhones in this generation (iPhone X, 8 and 8+), and I have noticed some mixed results. It charges rapidly which is nice, and it leaves the lightning port open for headphones, so I can listen to music and charge my phone simultaneously. The only problem is that it is hard to use the phone while charging.

Lastly, the rotated camera is interesting with the new features including portrait mode, but it is not very noteworthy to an ameteur photographer like me. The photos are clear, and video can be taken regularly, slow motion or as a time lapse, but that is the same on other iPhones. The portrait mode is interesting, but is not used very often and is not worth a price increase.

So, the iPhone X is a great phone and definitely an upgrade from many past phones, but is not worth all $1,000. There are upsides and downsides to this phone, and I am very glad I have it, but I am not sure if I would spend $1,000 on it again.