AP Assassination draws a surprised excitement

In a stakeout that lasted nearly an hour, I found myself hiding in the Toquet Hall alleyway waiting for my “target.”

In a stakeout that lasted nearly an hour, I found myself hiding in the Toquet Hall alleyway waiting for my “target.”

Personally I’m not one for staking camp outside a person’s house or lying crouched down behind a series of bushes waiting for the possibility of my “target” to take out the trash. However, after my short but extremely fun participation in AP Assassination, I was greatly surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience.

AP Assassination pertains to all seniors that took at least one AP course during their senior year and signed up to play. You are assigned a “target” and you have six days to shoot that target. All the while you must ensure that you are not assassinated.

Maybe it’s my loud and gregarious personality that has strayed me away from army video games and nerf wars. I certainly have trouble sitting still or whispering which is why I never found myself lurking in the shadows and surviving long in games of hide and seek. That being said, it amazes me that I even signed myself up for AP Assassination in the first place.

At 8:00 p.m on Sunday night I anxiously awaited for my target to be named, preparing my arsenal of two nerf guns: one for my car and one to have at home. My fingers were tingling with excitement, still not entirely sure why though.

After my target was revealed via a Facebook message my jaw dropped. I had never even heard of my person before. I quickly looked them up to see if a picture would help me recognize them. Nothing. Surely I was doomed.

At the start of the week, I gave little effort into the game. I briefly brainstormed possible ways to get my target, but none of them drew excitement to me. After one day I thought about throwing in the towel.

Until the incident occurred.

I got home from my internship on Tuesday, ran inside to grab a quick snack and a change of clothes for practice. As I began to put my shoes on I heard a car pull to a halt outside. I looked out my window and saw a car I did not recognize parked across the street from my house. I was intrigued and continued to watch. Soon enough, a person darted out the passenger side with a nerf gun in hand.

Eagerly, I watched as he slithered and dashed through my lawn, moving from tree to bush trying to get closer to my front door. Surely this was the assassin that was out to get me. I called my mom frantically, telling her she had to get home to create a distraction, or else I would not be able to leave for practice.

Fortunately I survived this encounter, but my passion for the game skyrocketed. After practice, I drove to the house of my target and parked shop. Nerf guns ready, I sat silently in my car waiting for any signs of movement.

As the week progressed I became more and more involved in the game. While my friends were playing organized sports and hanging out, I remained inside my home, afraid that my assassin would make another attempt at me.

To my dismay, my target deployed the same strategy as me and she never left her house. Never.

I was unable to shoot her and advance to the next round, but regardless of my success, I truly enjoyed participating in the game. If anyone is in need of a person to help scout, give me a shout.