I’m sorry (insert TV show’s name), it’s not me, it’s you


We’ve spent countless hours together filled with pizza dates, laughs and tears. This is hard to do, but you’ve been boring lately and we’ve been dragging this breakup on too long. I’m sorry it’s over.

Whether it’s a Netflix show with a never ending amount of seasons, or a show that you dedicate every Thursday night to, breaking up is hard. But when it gets to the point where the show has dragged on, it’s for the better.

Back in middle school, I experienced my first difficult breakup with “Pretty Little Liars.” While lunch conversation was devoted to the show at first, it came to be the same monotonous theme every week. It took me a while to break away from it, but now when I see promotions for it, four years later, it’s hard not to laugh at the thought of people still watching it.

Yes, there may be a void in your Thursday night at first, but after a couple weeks it’s easy to find a more productive ways to fill that time; like that new Netflix series you’ve been meaning to binge watch.

Here are some tips to smoothly get through your breakup:

1.The hardest part is when friends haven’t broken up with the show yet. They’ll constantly talk about last night’s episode as if you hadn’t vented to them about your decision to end the relationship. While it might be hard not to cave and go back to the show at first, have a zero tolerance policy for cheating and catching up on new episodes.

2.When feeling empty, you can watch old episodes. There’s a reason you were in this relationship, the show was probably great at first. Just keep in mind the reason you broke it off: it’s not as good as it used to be, therefore not worth your time.

3.Move on. Find a new show. It won’t be jealous I promise. If you get invested in a new series, you’re much less likely to relapse.

Stay strong, breakups are hard to do, but they’re for the better.