Sports empower us to accomplish higher goals


Whether it is European soccer or college football, for die hard fans, following their respective team is a religion. The players act almost as deities, giving these passionate worshippers inspiration for their daily lives.

But why are sports so extremely popular in our modern world? Why are billions of dollars spent on these games?

Although some say sports are just games valued for their entertainment, their impact on this world stretches into all walks of life.

The popularity of organized sports dates back to the Greek Olympic Games in 776 BC, where events like wrestling and discus throwing were held in designed amphitheaters every four years. Since then, stadiums holding thousands of people now host athletic events every day.

Sports appeal to all types of people because they offer a common denominator that all people can connect with: emotion. They are emotionally fueled games, propelled by grit, determination, passion, and will. Everyone loves the story of an underdog and feels the agony of defeat.

Whether it’s uniting the entire city of Boston after the horrific bombings or being a platform for social change, sports have the ability to take us to new heights. They can unite, inspire, and produce storylines that reflect real-world occurrences.

In high school, connecting with sports on an emotional level is a powerful tool for many. It gives students motivation in both school and life and provides them with a connection to their school that may otherwise be absent.

Pursuing athletic endeavors may seem unrelated to outside life, but it will develop mindsets and characteristics that can last a lifetime. In fact, employers even look for athletes when they hire. Unsurprisingly, such competitors tend to do better in the workplace.
Sports fanatics don’t have meaningless habits; even fans benefit greatly from the beauty of sports.