Excitement of Counties affects underclassmen

Excitement of Counties affects underclassmen

Computers across the classroom glow with pictures of dresses. My inbox is flooded with creative proposals. Counties is right around the corner, and it always brings a sense of frenzy.

The crucial dances, like prom and Counties, have consistently been the classic high school experience that every movie or television show features. I knew it was coming, but it didn’t really hit me until my friends started to get ready.

I’m a sophomore, but I’m already starting to get excited for the dance. I’ve never been one to dream about that perfect night with the beautiful dress and everything, but I am now — the excitement seems contagious.

As my friends ponder over which dress they should get (this sparkly red one? Or this gorgeous dark blue one?) I start to think about what gown I will sport. The other day, my friend asked me who I wanted to ask to Counties. I told her she was crazy –  it’s over a year away – but I did start to wonder….

As an underclassman, not having any dances can be disappointing. But the elongated anticipation makes it even better.

My mom has always said, “anticipation is half the fun” and in this case, I completely agree.

When my friend’s date said “I would love to go with you!” we all squealed with excitement and she smiled for the rest of the day.

I have heard a few complaints from my fellow underclassmen, wishing they also had a dance. Weston High School has the Evergreen dance for the freshmen and sophomores every year.

But I remember being a freshman. Those who are confused will feel even more adrift as couples pair off like Noah’s Ark. Those who are trying to find their way will have social-class stress, when their date may or may not say yes.

In the midst of midterms, it’s too much for my little sophomore brain to handle. For now, I am content with waiting and hoping that the one night will turn out perfectly.