How I learned to appreciate the beauty of Westport

How I learned to appreciate the beauty of Westport

I used to spend the months of December, January, February and March counting down the days until my next vacation. I longed for the scorching sun beating on my back as I lay sprawled on the sand watching the waves ebb and flow in front of me.


My classmates, too,  awaited their trips to Aruba, Turks and Caicos, Mexico and Barbados so they could “get away from it all here in Westport.”


It hit me after returning from vacation one winter: we live in paradise.


I bet you the locals on your island vacations wish they could spend a day on our beach living the lifestyles we take for granted.


If I were to book a roundtrip flight for myself on Delta Airlines this weekend, it would cost $573.


In Westport, we have a beach with water, waves, sand and sun just like in the Caribbean. However, we have even more than that. We live in one of the most privileged towns on Earth, and we spend our time wishing we were anywhere but here.


And Compo isn’t the only great spot in town. There are plenty of hidden gems: Winslow park, Sherwood Island, the Mill Pond, Burying Hill Beach. I could keep going.


Last summer, the Connecticut Post voted Westport as the top town in Connecticut for tourism.


People travel from far and wide to enjoy our amenities. Yet, half the town still has never been to Sherwood Island.


I used to live in London where the sun was almost never shining. On the few days a year that the clouds actually decided to flee, every park, river bench and sidewalk was jam-packed with people trying to catch a 60 degree-ray.


It’s time to cut the complaining.


Yes, Westport can be superficial. There’s no denying the fact that drama is abundant, gossip is frequent and stress levels are high. On most days, one can be sure to hear someone freaking out because there are no more makeup appointments available for 4p.m. on prom day.


However, this is just because we are fortunate enough to live in a community where we are pushed and challenged.


There are going to be complainers everywhere; the difference is what people complain about.


It’s a waste of time to pity ourselves for living in a world of drama because in reality, nothing can be perfect.


Instead, we should all learn to open our eyes and take a look at our beautiful surroundings. For me this last summer before college, I know I will definitely be doing so.


I drag my friends on walks with me, and they always say, “Wow, I never realized how cool Westport can be.” It truly is.


So in my last article in Inklings, I’m giving you all homework: go grab a friend or family member and embrace everything Westport has to offer.