Confessions of a brand-minded Westporter

Confessions of a brand-minded Westporter

Westport is a brand name town.

Literally — Westport consistently tops lists for its school system, quality of life, and average household income. Our town is located less than an hour away from the the Big Apple and there is no shortage of brand-name shopping on our very own Main Street.

So it’s safe to say I, like many other Westporters, know a fair amount about brands.

And I have my loyalties.

Take coffee, for example. I have been a regular at Starbucks for years, and by elementary school, I knew my dad’s usual order (triple venti skim one splenda wet cappuccino) better than I knew the capitals of the 50 states.

I’m objectively a regular coffee drinker, but I’ve never ordered a drink from Dunkin Donuts. In fact, I’ve only stepped foot inside the establishment to pick up a box of munchkins for a bake sale once.

When I see my classmates sipping their frozen Coffee Coolatas during first period, I’m definitely not overcome with thirst.

But I’ll admit that brand loyalty can sometimes be inconvenient.

I’d rather drive all the way to Fairfield for Chipotle than amble down the street to the Qdoba located mere minutes from my house. This undeniably takes a toll on my gas tank and my wallet (guac is extra). The taste and the quality, though, are definitely worth it.

And I know I’m not alone in saying Apple trumps Android — a quick scan around any Mac-filled classroom will prove it.

Lately, the brand craze has hit the Staples cafeteria particularly hard, with a new selection of water bottles that rivals that of the Costco water aisle.

In a sea of SmartWaters, Fijis, Vita Cocos and Hints, I’ll stick with my Dasani.

Being brand-conscious is definitely not a bad thing, but it’s important to remind ourselves not to let our loyalties dictate our lifestyles too much.

Just don’t try to talk me out of my chai tea lattes.