Seniors suffer through the hunt for college roommates

Seniors suffer through the hunt for college roommates

The college process is the epitome of an emotional roller coaster. It starts off frightening and stressful until the applications are submitted. Then, the waiting game is equally as frightening and stressful, but finally, after a lifetime of agony, you make the coveted decision and the even more coveted Facebook status.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. As a rising college freshman you are thrown into an uncomfortable situation concerningly similar to what it must be like to online date. This wild ride is what most call looking for a roommate.

It starts off as you sift through Facebook groups and try and pretend like you can understand someone’s personality through their profile pictures. If you have even the vaguest feeling that you maybe could somehow relate to them its time for the worst part.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than trying to pretend like you have a good reason to be messaging this person. Everyone is in this for the same reason, you want a roommate that isn’t insane and hopefully one you can actually be friends with.

However, for whatever reason, it seems far too forward to just come out and say “you seem suitable to live with me for the next year please judge me back and let me know what you think.”

If you are fearless enough to make it this far, let me tell you, you are not through the worst of it.

You may find yourself watching your screen, waiting for the message to be read or watching the bouncing speech bubble as they type. Take a step back, look at yourself, this is so weird.

The rest is just an unfortunate back and forth of casual conversation in which you pretend you aren’t dying to ask how many times they get up in the middle of the night or if they will steal your shoes without asking you.

However, all of the pain is worth it in the end. Soon you will become a seasoned detective of tagged photos and an expert on how to ask all the important questions and, eventually, you will find your freshman year soul mate.

Once the decision has been made and you’re in the clear all you can do is wait and hope that once you arrive for orientation you don’t discover that he or she only showers once a week.