Applying as a date for Red and Whites

Dear senior boys,

I am currently accepting applications to be my 2014 Red and Whites date. I realize this is a highly selective process, with only a single person acceptance rate, yet I encourage all to apply.

As a senior girl, I have been entrusted with carefully reviewing each of your applications. They will undergo a holistic review and the entirety of your application will be read. You will not be rejected based on your SAT scores, GPA or extracurricular activities.

Your ability to match a corsage to my dress color and your ability to be photogenic are paramount. A nice personality is preferred, but not required in applicants.

I do superscore. If your corsage coordination was its strongest at Counties, but your Junior Prom staircase photos should earn you a spot on America’s Next Top Male Model, please detail and attach evidence of both.

Due to the volume of applications I expect to receive, I will not be reviewing art portfolios.

As a formality I am asking a series of supplemental essays. Each response should be around 300 words.

1) Do you know me?

2) Have we ever spoken before?

3) How desperate are you to get a date?

4) Do I need to put in effort and “ask you” in a creative way?

5) Are you sure you will be on time to photos? How sure?

6) Are you sure you’re going to remember the corsage?

7) On a scale of 1 to “Hellz yeah,” how likely are you to use a Red and Whites photo as either your profile picture or cover photo? How are you choosing the photo?

8) How clingy are you and how much time will I have to devote to you before I can ditch you and spend time with friends?

9) Are you going to pay for our tickets and the limo/party bus? (Keep in mind I have to buy a dress, shoes, and accessories and need to get my hair, nails and makeup done–there is a right answer to the above question)

Do not forget to submit two teacher letters of recommendation and one letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor.

This can all be done through Naviance and the Common Application.

As an act of kindness, I have extended my Early Decision deadline from Nov. 1 to Nov. 8 to accommodate any technical difficulties you may encounter. The Regular Decision deadline will still be Jan. 1.

I look forward to reviewing your application and if you have any questions on the application process please do not hesitate to contact the admissions office.


Hannah Foley