NFL Owners Make the Right Choice

NFL Owners Make the Right Choice
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Thank the Lord! Praise the day! It’s finally happened! As of May 25, the Super Bowl is coming to New York New Jersey.

Honestly, teams that play in cities with blistering winter heat have robbed the New York Giants of a Super Bowl for much too long – well, technically the New York Jets were thieved as well. There’s no explanation for why the Super Bowl has been limited to warm cities for 47 years – the Super Bowl is headed to these stadiums in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Thankfully, general managers – who vote yearly on the location of the Super Bowl in four years – agreed with the greater majority of football fans nationwide. According to a May 25 ESPN SportsNation poll of 14,168 people, 51.6 percent said that they think it’s a good idea to potentially have the Super Bowl in New York; 36.2 percent said it was a bad idea; and 12.2 percent just didn’t know.

But seriously, a Super Bowl in cold weather properly describes the league as a whole. Roughly half of the teams that compose the NFL are exposed to cold winter weather – the northern and eastern divisions in the AFC and NFC, excluding the Dallas Cowboys and including the Denver Broncos. NFL general managers have finally awoken from nearly a 50 year daze of Super Bowl stadium exclusion.

Only 19 stadiums across the country have ever hosted the Super Bowl. Some stadiums – such as the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, Calif. and the Orange Bowl in Miami, Fla. – aren’t even home to an NFL team.

A New York New Jersey Super Bowl will not only give some of the best sports fans in the world an better opportunity to go the a marquee sporting event, but it is also a key chance to display a brand new $1.6 billion stadium in New Jersey. When 2014 finally arrives, it will be a beautiful fusion of the greatest fans in the world and the greatest finale of any sporting season.