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A Seamless Kinection for Xbox 360: Discovering the Kinect

December 22, 2010

Image by The_Smiths via Flickr When the Nintendo Wii came out in 2006, it was a revolution in the way people gamed— in fact, Nintendo wanted to call it the Revolution. Shelving the idea of a joystick,...

The College Evolution: How Stress about College has Grown Over the Years

December 20, 2010

When she was my age, my mother took the SAT only once. She didn’t study, she didn’t have a tutor. She just walked in, took the test, and walked out. When it came time to start looking at colleges,...

The "I Like it…" Facebook Phenomenon

October 7, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Blythe Lewis '13 Staff Writer Facebook users have started a new trend of statuses this week that is a bit more attention grabbing than Favorite Pokémon Week last Dec. Women everywhere...

Jahari Dodd 10 has come a long way since his freshman year.

You Say You Want an Evolution: Seniors Reflect Upon Their High School Experiences

June 23, 2010

Alix Neenan '12 Features Editor The first day of high school is simultaneously exhilarating, scary, hopeful and sad. The easy days of middle school when all that mattered was what was number...

NFL Owners Make the Right Choice

NFL Owners Make the Right Choice

June 13, 2010

Thank the Lord! Praise the day! It’s finally happened! As of May 25, the Super Bowl is coming to New York New Jersey. Honestly, teams that play in cities with blistering winter heat have robbed...

Periods 1 and 7 To Be Switched on Mondays Next Year

June 13, 2010

DJ Sixsmith '11 Web Sports Editor After rumors swirled around the school of a schedule change for next year, principal John Dodig and the Collaborative team finally pulled the trigger by announcing...

The cover of Siddhartha | Photo from

Siddhartha at the SAT

June 11, 2010

Emily Cooper '11 Business Manager “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse is a must-read while in high school. Not for its historical value, of learning about the founding of Buddhism, or its literary...

Popularity of Junior Job Shadow Program Is On The Rise

May 23, 2010

To many high school students who spend time stressing and focusing on raising GPAs and SAT scores, the idea of pursuing a specific profession that induces their actual interest seems an amazing but...

Upcoming Senior Internships Excite Students but Worry Some Teachers

April 16, 2010

Stevie Klein ’12 Web Features Editor  From September until December, Joyce Eldh went town to town, searching for 200 new internship positions, going to company sites, brochures and emailing...

 Rebecca Loeser ’10 and friends celebrate the style of Lolita at a convention. | Photo by Rebecca Loesser 10

Japanese ‘Lolita’ Fashion Inspires Becca Loeser ’10

April 16, 2010

Suzane Klein '11 Features Editor Rebecca Loeser ’10 can be spotted sporting "little pretty dresses, princess things, and just generally over the top clothing." This personal style not only...

Photo courtesy of SXC

Westport Struggles to Bring Back Local Theater

April 8, 2010

Jon Loeb '11 A&E Editor Forty years ago, Westport had five movie theaters in town. Four of these movie theaters were in the downtown area- one was owned by the local Joselloff family- and another...

A birdhouse that was auctioned off for charity at the Project Return fundraiser. | Photo by Lucas Hammerman 10

Rolling Hills Country Club Hosts Birdhouse Charity

March 26, 2010

Emily Goldberg '12 Web Sports Editor For months, Westport artist Carol Brezovec collected possible materials to make a new birdhouse. She spent some time agonizing over its design and theme. She...

Adopted children can come from all over the world, but there are many here at Staples High School. | Photo from, idea by Sammie Hardy

Understanding Adoption

March 12, 2010

Alicia Lourekas '12 Staff Writer While some high school students begin their search for colleges, some teenagers are on a different kind of search. A search for their biological parents. According...

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