The "I Like it…" Facebook Phenomenon

The "I Like it..." Facebook Phenomenon

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Blythe Lewis ’13
Staff Writer

Facebook users have started a new trend of statuses this week that is a bit more attention grabbing than Favorite Pokémon Week last Dec. Women everywhere have begun posting variations of the phrase “I like it” on their pages, leaving men everywhere more than a little confused.

The idea is for women to answer the question of where they like to leave their purses cleverly omitting the word “purse” from the phrase in order to pique the attention. Posts included “I like it on the floor” to “I like it on the kitchen table.”

Though the trend could easily be passed off as another random Internet fad, the idea is to raise breast cancer awareness. Oct. is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the promiscuous statuses are intended to help the cause.

However, many are unsure of the validity of this reasoning. “It seemed a lot of people were making a joke out of it,” Austin Alianiello, ’12, said.

Adding to the confusion are the untraceable roots of the movement. Neither the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month nor the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has admitted any connection. Most people simply received a message from a girlfriend on Facebook explaining the cause and asking them to join in. It appears the idea can be attributed only to renegade Internet breast cancer fighters.