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Fashion for a Cause club sews its way through Staples

Fashion for a Cause club sews its way through Staples

Julia Rosier, Sports Editor

March 11, 2016

As the Fashion for a Cause Club sews its way through Staples, the students of the club design their future through their numerous ideas and creations to support the Dress for Success Foundation. As a new club to Staples this year, the Fashion for a Cause club has already planned their first fashion show ev...

Merging Local Merchants with Save the Children

Merging Local Merchants with Save the Children

May 13, 2011

Matthew Lev ’12 has created a plan to get local merchants involved in raising money for Save the Children. Lev wanted to raise money for the organization and help local businesses by encouraging people to shop. While volunteering weekly at Save the Children, Lev approached his supervisor, J...

Let’s Not Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: College-motivated charity is still beneficial

December 3, 2010

Editorial According to Principal John Dodig, the amount of community service performed at Staples “far exceeds” the amount at any other school at which he has worked. It is true that there are many community service organizations at Staples and that they serve very different needs. Students are taking the initiative to volunteer their time without t...

“I Love Boobies” Bracelets Draw Attention

“I Love Boobies” Bracelets Draw Attention

October 10, 2010

Sam Bortniker’11 Web A&E Editor Pushing the limit of appropriateness are the new “I Love Boobies” bracelets students have been fashioning.  They are part of The Keep A Breast Foundation’s nationwide campaign to spread awareness to a younger audience. “Yes they are silly and...

The "I Like it…" Facebook Phenomenon

The "I Like it..." Facebook Phenomenon

October 7, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Blythe Lewis '13 Staff Writer Facebook users have started a new trend of statuses this week that is a bit more attention grabbing than Favorite Pokémon Week last Dec. Women everywhere have begun posting variations of the phrase “I like it” on their pages, leaving men everywhere more than a little confused. The i...

Student Assembly Holds Its Fifth Annual 5K Run In The Sun

Student Assembly Holds Its Fifth Annual 5K Run In The Sun

June 15, 2010

Rain or shine, Student Assembly will be hosting their third annual 5K Run in The Sun on June 20 at 9 a.m., starting and ending at Long Lots Elementary School. The proceeds raised from this event will be donated to Staples Tuition Grants, which is a program designed to raise funds to help con...

SSAA Participates in AIDS Walk New York

Some members of SSAA plan to participate in AIDS Walk New York on May 16 in order to raise AIDS awareness throughout their community. | Photo by Devin Skolnick '11

May 13, 2010

Since this disease has become such a prevalent aspect of society, Staples students have taken the initiative to raise awareness and participate in the 25th annual AIDS Walk in New York City. Since the event’s creation in 1986, the event has raised over $105 million for HIV programs and servic...

Fundraising for Haiti Relief

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12

February 11, 2010

Sammy Warshaw '12 Staff Writer On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Some students have done all they can to aid these victims by holding bake sales, fundraisers, and other charitable events. Clubs like AIDS Awareness and Build On...

Westport Swimmers Dive in for Haitian Relief Effort

Photo by Monica Mula '10

February 7, 2010

Monica Mula '10 Web Opinions Editor Twenty-one days after the earthquake in Haiti, Staples Swimming and the Westport-Weston Family Y have teamed up to support the suffering children under 21 years of age— which equates to half of Haiti’s overall population. The Wimer family, involved with both Staples and YMCA swim teams, has a sp...

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