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Ross’s Website Recommendations


Everybody has their own list of websites that they use on a daily basis. For high school students, websites usually serve the purpose of helping with homework or stunting its process. So here are a few useful, and possible detrimental, sites that I use mostly every day.

1.  Dropbox – This dandy website permanently ends the “email it to yourself” homework that you save to finish during your free. The site creates a folder on your computer that automatically syncs to this website. So basically, anytime you put a file in this specified folder you can log into the website from any location and get what you put into your drop box.

2.  Wolfram|Alpha – Basically God on the computer. Type in any math problem, chemical element, country, state, landmark or famous person to receive more information. The website is best for math problems as it does all the high level calculus questions at Usain Bolt speed.

3.  Sporcle – Though this has been deemed the high school GPA killer, this unique “mentally stimulating” website has caught the eye of many students, especially mine. Test your random knowledge of words that begin and end with the letter “n” or see if you can name all of the NFL running backs that have rushed for over 40 touchdowns. If nothing else, the ultimate website for procrastination. Facebook has nothing on this website.

4.  InterfaceLIFT – This is a great wallpaper website. If you hate the basic wallpapers that come with your computer then be sure to check out this free website. The site is very clean cut and has every wallpaper size available. The site even has wallpapers for two or three screens if you are lucky to have that many.

5.  RealClearSports – The ultimate sports hub, well besides ESPN of course. The website is basically the central mainframe of all sports articles from different newspaper and sports sites across the country. It’s a nice way to get sports news from a different source other than the ESPN that we all love a cherish.

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    @jdrchFeb 5, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Thanks for the Wolfram Alpha mention 🙂