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Many students have turned to ChatGPT to complete their writing assignments, but this deprives them of the ability to hone their critical thinking and analysis skills.

Even with so many AI programs present, being a good writer still matters

Olivia Saw ’26, Web Arts Editor February 8, 2024

Artificial intelligence has proved itself to be extremely useful in our daily lives, and has seen immense commercial success. From being used in healthcare all the way to customer service, the capabilities...

The Girls Who Code club teaches high schoolers the increasingly important skill of coding, hoping to inspire a new generation of workers in computer science.

Girls Who Code club inspires new generation of computer scientists

Marina Engler '21, Staff writer October 30, 2019

As the last bell rings and students file out of the front door eager to get home, a group of 20 girls race up to the third floor. They promptly open their laptops and get ready to learn a crucial skill:how...

Why you should not buy bitcoins

Why you should not buy bitcoins

December 5, 2017

By Anna Rhoads '19 The idea of bitcoins is very intriguing-- It’s completely paperless and run by a company with no real governing system, meaning users have a lot more freedom than they would with...

Top 8 Netflix shows that no one’s talking about

Top 8 Netflix shows that no one’s talking about

October 9, 2017

By Anna Rhoads '19

AP Computer Science students’ Tesla app races into the Apple Store

AP Computer Science students’ Tesla app races into the Apple Store

December 19, 2016

Kayla Sirlin ’19 Dylan Diamond ’17 and Neil Soni ’18’s app, Tesla Toolbox, was released into the App Store in late Sept. in hopes of making the cars’ controls easier to access and the overall...

[Oct. 2016 Features] Girls who code–Programming club encourages Staples girls to learn code

November 22, 2016

By Izzy Connors ’18   Rather than spending her entire summer relaxing at the beach, staples student Giselle Briand ’17 attended the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Goldman Sachs...

As Claire Meehan ’17 likes to do, many people put the stickers on the bottom of their computers because they like to know that the stickers are there, they just might not want other people to see them.

Sticker covered computer cases: it’s an adhesive trend

Alex Spadacenta, Assistant Business Manager April 2, 2015

Band logos, locations, TV shows and art. Where is one place a person can have all these things at one time? It’s their computer case. In Staples, a popular craze has been putting stickers on computer...

Give me my computer or give me death!

Give me my computer or give me death!

November 24, 2014

Over my high school career, twenty-pound backpacks, WPS All-Aboard, and an avoidance of the C.O.W.S have been an integral part of my life as a personal laptop-toting student. Ever since that fateful...

Guidance Plans to Release Schedules for the 2011-12 School Year

May 25, 2011

Unlike past years when students have attended arena to design their own schedules, this year the guidance department has created student’s schedules using a schedule generator on the computer. The guidance...

May 20, 2011 | Down to Three

May 20, 2011

10:23 a.m. Sarah White's period one personal finance class once held 23 students, but due to senior internships, the class is now down to only three students. Despite low numbers, the class is continuing...

Computer Hackers and How to Avoid Them

April 20, 2011
Carlie Schwaeber '12 discusses the serious issue of computer hacking and the ways in which you can keep your computer safe from getting hacked.

Arena Eliminated:BOE cuts forty–year–old scheduling tradition

October 22, 2010
Arena, the 38-year-old embattled scheduling system, is done.
CAUGHT: Science 6-12 Coordinator AJ Sheetz checks out the Inklings website on the iPad. | Photo by Sammy Warshaw 12

iPad or iFad? Staplites Show Mixed Feelings

May 28, 2010
Jesse Heussner '11 discovers what Staples students think of the new iPad.
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