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Tumblr: Staples Students take to Micro Blogging

May 27, 2011
Eric Essagof '12 discusses the new online fad: Tumblr.

Jan. 5 – Boys Varsity Ski Mount Southington

January 5, 2011
Boys Varsity Ski team placed 3rd out of five teams on Wednesday, Jan. 5.

A Touch Too Much? Students React to New Full-Body Scanners in Use by Transport Security Administration

December 22, 2010
The holiday season means lots of traveling. Students react to the new TSA standards.

Staples Parents Become Significant Financial Provider for Wrecker Athletics

December 3, 2010
Booster clubs keep Staples sports teams up and running, and help teams avoid the pay-to-play system.

Productivity or Anger Management? The Controversy

October 16, 2010
Ben Reiser '13 gets the inside scoop on what everybody wants to know about Do teachers actually know about the website? Read on to find out more.

Teachers Union Provides Forum for Teachers

October 1, 2010
Although unspoken around students, the Westport Education Association (WEA), or Teacher Union, is a significant aspect to Staples High School.
RIDIN’ DIRTY: Under Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell, the driving privledges of teenagers have been restricted. However, some Staples students do not follow these rules. | Photo-graphic by Annie Nelson 11

To Follow or Not to Follow: Teenagers Decide to Both Obey, Neglect Driving Laws

October 1, 2010
Some Staples students, aren't obeying teen driving restrictions.
A Celebrity In Our Midst? Nevona Friedman on Her Booming Website,

A Celebrity In Our Midst? Nevona Friedman on Her Booming Website,

September 28, 2010

Cheyenne Haslett'13 Web Features Editor Nevona Friedman ’12 can be found navigating the halls of Staples High School like any other student, and you might never know that behind the large square...

Graphic by Connie Zhou 12

Solution to a Student’s Concerns- Snapgrades Provides Immediate Answers to a Student Grade Questions

September 14, 2010
Ross Gordon '11 explores the reasons that teachers should make the switch to

Naviance Quells Fears, Instills Anxieties

April 16, 2010
While some rely greatly on naviance, others try to forget about the scattergrams and statistics.
Picture of

SafeRides Embraces New Website

March 20, 2010
After existing for about a year, the SafeRides chapter in Westport has now developed a website to organize their system, as well as hopefully connect them with other chapters.

Timing of AP Tests Affects Teaching Habits

March 12, 2010
With such a large curriculum, some believe that lessons taught during AP classes are rushed and not thorough.
Rosss Website Recommendations

Ross’s Website Recommendations

February 2, 2010
Ross Gordon '11 tells us what his top bookmarked sites are on his computer.
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