College and Career Center revises plan to keep senior internships


Graphic courtesy of the Staples High School College and Career Center

Students will have three options to choose from as their “Reimagined Senior Internship.”

Emily Stone '20, Business Director

The College and Career Center announced April 28 that senior internships for the 2020 school year will take place as scheduled. 

According to an email sent out to the senior class, students will be able to choose from three different research based options that will act as their internship experience. 

The first option is to continue a planned internship or choose a new one that can be done remotely. 

The second option is an “interview series” where students would interview three people and put together a video/podcast/blog connecting what they learned through the interviews. 

The third option is a “DIY Experience” where students would design and develop their own project.

“Even though internships aren’t happening in the traditional way this year, I’m happy we have them to help us learn more about our interests and give us the experience,” Geena Abrams ’20 said. 

Seniors will not be required to attend their classes unless they have uncompleted work in their classes. The program will officially start on May 18 and end June 5.