Rushing to the new Club Rush


Chase Emilio, Staff Writer

This year, Club Rush will be between Oct. 5 to 9, and has been relabeled as the “Student Involvement Fair.” It has been rebranded with this new name because it is the official title most colleges call it.

From the Debate Club to the Theater Club, various after school activities will be available to sign up.

“Last year club rush was late,” Assistant Principal and Club Manager Richard Franzis said. “Normally, by the time clubs are announced, it’s already October.”

What Mr. Franzis would like to do for the upcoming year is to have all new clubs established before the end of the previous year, so S.I.F. (The Student Involvement Fair) can be available for sign ups even sooner.

Fencing Club is advised by academic support teacher Brigid O’Dea, and the purpose of this club is to promote the sport of fencing.  They want to teach people from a wide range of skill levels and are very accepting of all new members. They also go to competitions within the Fairfield area.  

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club is run by world language teacher, Christopher Fray. Their goal is to create safe environments in schools for students to learn more about themselves, and educate Staples High School, and the rest of the community, about homophobia.  They strive to fight discrimination, harassment and prevent violence in schools. This club provides a safe environment for students to discuss issues related to sexual orientation, in and out of Staples.