Principal search on hold while experts are called in

Principal search on hold while experts are called in

Megan Doyle, Staff Writer

The search process for finding a new permanent principal at Staples is changing and is currently on hold until directed otherwise. The Board of Education suggested hiring a search firm to effectively find new, interesting candidates for this important role.

Last year, as a way to find applicants, the town of Westport placed ads featured in the New York Times education section and Trade Publications. These were essentially national help wanted ads, but the Board of Education felt that this was not bringing in enough applicants.

“[The Board of Education has] been recommending a search firm in order to increase the pool of strong applicants for this very important position,” The BoE Chairman Michael Gordon said.

However, the search process is currently on hold until the search firm assembles and gives input. Although there are ads for the superintendent and multiple other teacher openings in Westport, none are listed for the principal.

“We cannot act without input from the search firm, as directed by the Board of Education.” Elliot Landon, the current superintendent said.

Students have suspected that the search will not be easy; they want the new Principal to be the best. Especially after the former principal, Dodig, the students and parents of Staples have high expectations.

“I think a search firm will be very effective, but it is important to make sure that all possible candidates are considered so we are positive that there is no principal better suited to be at Staples,” Malini Wimmer ’18 said.

Most parents are excited for this change, and have high expectations for the Board of Education. Sue Rubin, the Staples PTA President, said, “We are very glad that the BOE is being proactive in the principal search this year and we are awaiting more information.”

This issue will be discussed at the Board of Education meeting on Oct. 19, and the PTA will hold a meeting in the Staples cafeteria on Oct. 5. Both meetings are open to the public, and the Oct. 5 one will be televised.