April 14 to be school day, no longer devoted to April vacation


Claire Lewin

Compo will have to wait another day as April vacation is pushed back.

Though recent rumors have swirled that the Board of Education would not open schools for the Monday of April vacation, at tonight’s meeting, Superintendent Elliott Landon said that Monday, April 14 will be a school day.

“Unfortunately, we had to use more than five days, which means we will have school on Monday,” Landon said.

BOE member Brett Aronow posed a question about the shortened break. “I am concerned about families that might have already made plans,” she said. “Is there any way the students can make up the work?”

Speaking from a parent’s perspective and mentioning letters from other parents, Aronow specifically pointed out that high school students might use April break to visit colleges. Landon said he would discuss the matter with high school administrators.