Live Green

This past weekend, Sept. 14 and 15, Connecticut residents enjoyed some green fun at the annual Live Green Connecticut family festival in Norwalk, Conn. The goal was to “promote living green with a focus on education, sustainability and caring for the environment and our natural resources,” according to the Live Green Connecticut website.

The event featured many exhibits of products and services that make one’s life more environmentally sustainable.

“I learned that there are a ton of unique ways to help the environment that I wouldn’t have thought of originally,” said Hannah Malowitz ’15. “From going to this event, I think that I will be much more conscious of current events and local organizations in our area.”

There were many local Connecticut businesses at the event including small stores, charities, larger businesses and restaurants.

“The festival was great because it featured a lot of local businesses, and it was nice to support them,” said Abigail Merlis ’15. “It was nice to see both businesses and people coming together to support our environment and save our planet.”