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Paper bags acquire an extra charge in Westport stores

Companies with local stores like Whole Foods, Bluemercury and Stew Leonard’s have distributed reusable bags to promote environmental awareness.

Lauren Hassell ʼ22, Web Features Editor

November 19, 2019

Westport has enacted a $.10 tax that local, non-corporate stores have the option to apply to every paper bag provided to their customers.  According to the Connecticut State Department of Revenue Services (DRS), municipalities are permitted to enact or enforce an ordinance concerning single-use checkout bags ...

Horticulture Club buds into Staples

The Horticulture classroom offers students countless resources to enhance their planting experience while learning in an engaging and unique environment.

Karina Murray '22, Staff Writer

October 30, 2019

With the hallways bustling with countless clubs to sign up for during the week of the Involvement Fair, some students may have missed a very interesting new one: the Horticulture Club. The club is a low-pressure club that meets every other Thursday and gives students the opportunity to garden to their...

Staples advocates for climate activism

Thousands of people of all ages took to the streets in the Climate Strike in NYC on Sept. 20 to fight for environmental causes.

Karina Murray ’22, Staff Writer

October 23, 2019

Endless headlines about climate change and climate activists have circulated around the media for months now. Lots of people are fed up with the government’s lack of initiative to combat these issues, and even children, including many Staples students, have started to take it upon themselves to take...

Composting becomes popular in Westport schools

Some Westport elementary schools such as Greens Farms have started composting and becoming more environmentally conscious in their cafeterias. With the help of some passionate teachers and students, composting could be integrated into the Staples cafeteria in the near future.

Lys Goldman ’21 and Claire Redmer ’21

October 17, 2019

Plant-based diets sprout into Staples

Vegan options are becoming the norm in most supermarkets, so there are plenty of new options for Meatless Monday - a growing trend in lots of households where no meat is consumed for the entire day.

Karina Murray '22, Staff Writer

September 25, 2019

Imagine a world where meat-eaters and dairy product consumers didn’t exist. Would it alter our health? Our daily lives? Our earth? The objective answer to all three of these questions is a definitive yes. For these reasons and countless others, plant-based diets seem to be an increasing trend: a tr...

Salmon population declines due to human activity

An excess of salmon fishing may contribute a decrease in the salmon population.

Abbie Goldstein '22 and Serena Ye '20

September 18, 2019

The salmon population has been steadily decreasing in the New England region in recent years. While there is no specific direct cause to this trend, it can be predicted that human activity, climate change and overfishing are fueling the problem. This led to a major impact on nearby ecosystems and food...

Purple hair promotes species conservation

The event’s creator, Cate Casparius ‘19, advertises the instagram account that she created for the fundraiser. Casparius’ goal was to post at least 30 pictures on the account to save acres of rainforest land.

Remi Levitt '21, Staff Writer

June 10, 2019

Being environmentally conscious can be seen in the forms of using metal straws instead of plastic, carpooling, and taking quicker showers, though, there is now a new way to save the planet: purple hair.

White Island Shop comes to town

White Island Shop recently opened in Westport, offering residents a way to shop eco friendly clothes and handmade jewelry.

Ali Korn '21 and Carly Kaplowitz '21

April 23, 2019

Steinberg begins fifth term as state representative

Representative Jonathan Steinberg holds a picture of his daily schedule. Since beginning his fifth term on Jan. 10, he has been active on several committees in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Melanie Lust '19

February 6, 2019

State representative Jonathan Steinberg is prioritizing public health, transportation and energy as he begins his fifth term serving Connecticut's 136th Assembly District. "I'm going to have to pretty quickly prioritize and figure out what the things are that I'm going to want to chase across the fi...

UN projects significant global temperature increase as early as 2030

One potential effect of climate change is more frequent wildfires.
Photo contributed by Science360 News Service.

Lys Goldman '21

December 1, 2018

The temperature of Earth’s surface could increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius as early as 2030 and cause irreversible damage, according to a special report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released in October. “Climate change is a very important and big issue r...

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