Girls’ lacrosse shuts down Warde


Photo by Charley Guthartz ’22

Staples girls’ lacrosse led 12-1 at half time against Warde on April 13. They went on to win 16-5.

Staples girls’ lacrosse defeated Warde 16-5 in their first home game of the season on Tuesday, April 13.

The Wreckers were led by Keira Best ’24, who scored four goals throughout the whole game.

“I think the offense worked well because we have been working on our off-ball movement and increasing the speed of our passing and cutting,” Best said. “I think communication worked very well and if we continue to do that it will help increase our level of play.”

The Wreckers started out strong with two goals in the first five minutes. The offense was extremely effective due to the team’s solid plays, and that momentum carried throughout the half with the score being 12-1.

Captain McKenzie Didio ’22 played a big part in controlling the offense throughout the first half. 

“Our offensive is very new this year because we have a young team,” Didio said. “We have been working a lot on starting to gel as a team. Creating team chemistry is what is most important to having a successful offense and overall season.”

The girls went into this game knowing that their next game against Greenwich would be a tough matchup. Running plays as a team was important to prepare for Greenwich. 

Creating team chemistry is what is most important to having a successful offense and overall season.

— Captain McKenzie Didio ’22

“Playing teams like the one we played on Tuesday is something our team values. We always make sure to play at a high level no matter who the competition is,” Kate Smith ’22 said. “However, it’s a really good learning moment for the starters because we try new things, new plays, and think about what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do better.”

The defense also worked equally as hard to get as many turnovers as they could. They were easily able to work the ball around the field, especially the goalie and team captain Sara DiGiovanni ’22.

“I think the game went well because of our team chemistry. One of our main goals for the game was to come out strong and keep the momentum going,” DiGiovanni said. “The defense was able to accomplish this because of the amount of communication and teamwork we had. For the last couple of practices, we made sure to focus on working together and it definitely showed.”