Girls’ golf secures spot in FCIACs with close victory against St. Joe’s


Lizzie Kuendorf ’22

Linnea Jagenberg ’21, Lizzie Kuendorf ’22 and Leni Lemcke ’22 all scored birdies in their victory against St. Joe’s while Keeva Boyle ’23 scored an eagle. The girls received flamingo and parrot prizes in recognition of their accomplishments. (Pictured left to right) Linnea Jagenberg ’21, Lizzie Kuendorf ’22, Leni Lemcke ’22, Keeva Boyle ’23 Merin McCallum ’21, Kathleen Coffee ’24

In a 185-181 victory over St. Joe’s on May 27, the girls’ golf team secured a spot in the Fairfield County Interscholastic Conference (FCIACs) competition.

“I am so happy with how our team played,” Leni Lemcke ’22, number one player on varsity, said. “Not only on Thursday, but throughout the entire season. The team did great and I’m confident in our abilities for FCIACS and states.”

Lemcke is ranked fourth in FCIACs, ninth in the state and has been vital to the team’s success this year.

“Leni has grown a lot since freshman year on JV to now, our number one player on varsity,” Lizzie Kuendorf ’22, a fellow varsity player, said. “She has been someone we can constantly trust to score well and a crucial player for matches.”

The Wreckers went 12-4 this season, a successful record in comparison to recent past years. While the team faced unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19, Captain Linnea Jagenberg ’21 took pride in the team’s ability to overcome these obstacles as a cohesive unit.

“It was a very unexpected season,” Jagenberg said. “We didn’t know if we would be able to have [a season at all] or what it would be like so I was proud that we could come together and land a spot in FCIACs, regardless of the outcome.”

The team is ranked second in FCIACs and fourth in States, which will take place next Wednesday, June 9. Despite the team’s strong ranking, a victory is never guaranteed in the game of golf.

“I think that we’re going to be playing some really competitive teams in FCIACs and states,” Jagenberg said, “so I really hope everyone plays their best and doesn’t get in their head too much, because golf really is such a mental game.”

Because golf is played individually, each player has a duty to play to the best of their ability and contribute to the overall score, which can come down to just a couple of points, as exhibited in their most recent match versus St. Joe’s. 

“When everyone brings their A-game we do really well, so I hope our good days line up and we crush it at FCIACS,” Lemcke said. “I just hope everyone plays their best and we have a really good time, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”