Girls’ track secures spot in States after placing in FCIACs


Photo contributed by Barry Guiduli

Staples girls’ track placed and scored in several events at FCIACs on May 24. This is their first time placing in six years. They hope to further qualify in States and States Open in the upcoming weeks.

Despite the late start to the season due to COVID, Staples girls’ track proved their abilities at Fairfield County Interscholastic Conference (FCIACs ) on Tuesday, May 24. All season, teams look forward to qualifying for FCIACs, arguably the most important event for Staples’ sports. Multiple girls’ track team members placed and scored in several events.

Track has several events including sprints, middle distance, long distance, hurdles and relays. The increase in competition during FCIACs makes it a more challenging meet, but nonetheless Staples girls’ succeeded. This victory guaranteed them a spot to compete in States, which will take place on June 1. 

Francine Stevens ’23  fulfilled her goals this season and beat past Staples records, making history within the team. She placed second in the 100 and 200 meter sprints, as well as placing first with her 4×400 meter relay. 

“I was most proud of breaking two school records and tying one during the outdoor season,” Stevens said. “Breaking the 100 and 200 records during my highschool career had been a goal of mine, but I didn’t expect it to happen sophomore year. The 400 record was pretty unexpected because it was my first time running it.”

Despite Ava Harvey’s ’23 initial nerves before the meet, she placed first in both the triple jump and long jump at FCIACs. Harvey mentions that her love for the sport is nurtured because of the uplifting team spirit.

“Even though we all competed separately we were still a team,” Harvey said. 

Sami Dewitt ’23 similarly feels that the team camaraderie has helped motivate her throughout the track meets. She placed second in her sprints (400 meters) and her relay (4×400 meters) got first. Dewitt is proud of her team for working hard throughout the pandemic, and persevering.

“This was a good end to the season because we came back after COVID and won,” Dewitt said. “I think we were all really excited to end the season with a major win like this.”

This was a good end to the season because we came back after COVID and won

— Sami Dewitt '23

Captain of the girls’ track team, Nicole Holmes ’21, ran in the 400 x 800 relay which placed second in the division. Holmes shares enthusiasm for the team’s determination and perseverance. She is no stranger to the FCIAC competition, as she has attended since her freshman year. Furthermore, she confidently believes that this is the best turnout for girls’ track compared to the results in other years.

This was an incredible end to the season because in our FCIACS meet, we nearly scored/placed highly in every single event,” Holmes said. “Usually one event in particular will thrive during a meet and carry the rest, yet watching everyone step up and push themselves to their absolute limits was mesmerizing. We truly came together as a team and I have never felt more connected to my teammates. This was a moment all of us will remember for the rest of our lives.” 

Dewitt suggested that her supportive teammates help motivate and support her when competing. The cohesiveness of the girls’ track team helped them reign triumphant at FCIACs this season.

“Everyone is close on the team and even while running I can hear my friends cheering me on,” Dewitt said. 

The girls’ track team was beyond thrilled to have won at FCIACs. Their hard work paid off, and they continue to train for upcoming competitions, like States.

“Winning FCIACs was very exciting because it was the first time that Staples girls track has won in six years and the sixth time we have ever won,” Stevens said. “Our team is extremely well rounded and has strong athletes in all events which led to our success in FCIACs, and will be helping us in States.”