Quarantine brings new fitness opportunities


Photo by Lexie Moskovit ’21

The Staples girls’ lacrosse team participates on Monday April 27 in the #LastShift2020 Virtual 5k Challenge. Student-athletes are taking charge and taking one last shift into April to be the difference for cancer patients who are at high risk of getting COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19, teens have been taking up new activities while being stuck in quarantine. Many have found exercising as a way to step away from T.V and bed to stay active. With sports postponed and gyms closed, spring sports teams and students are keeping active in various ways.

Many adults and teen girls have been following along the workout of a youtuber, Chloe Ting. Chloe Ting has a free online website that offers a variation of workout programs, including Two Weeks Shred Challenge and Summer Shred Challenge.

“I decided to do it [Chloe Ting] because it’s something to occupy me during this time where we have so much free time,” Alex Seideman ’20 said. “I have never done her workouts before this, but I like them because they work the full body and can be done with very little space and equipment.”

People have been also utilizing the various dusty machines and weights they have in their house. Maya Wofsy ’21 runs marathons and also participates in triathlons. With her triathlon cancelled, Wofsy has been finding new ways around her house to stay in shape.

“Because a lot of my races have been canceled, I have been having to watch a lot of workouts and do workouts that would use the same muscles as I would if I were swimming,” Wofsy said. “I have been able to find new fun workouts that keep me entertained and in shape during quarantine.”

The girls’ track team has come together to work out virtually. The coaches have been using different ways to communicate to the team, so they can all be working out together or separately, but still on the same page.

“Our coaches have stayed very up to date with our training by sending out our runs or workouts everyday on google classroom,” Nicole Holmes ’21 said. “Additionally, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they set up google hangouts so that we are able do circuits training too.”

The live workouts on google hangouts have made the girls feel like they are all working out together again, something they miss very much.

The boys’ lacrosse team has found new ways to stay in shape and workout together. The team has Zoom calls three times a week to meet and go over plays for the season. The coaching staff provides a workout for the team everyday to stay fit.

“Our lifting coach wrote us a program to stay fit over this time,” Derek Sale ’22 said.

They have their lifting workout every other day with weights or no weights depending on what is accessible to them at their homes. On the days there is no lift, running workouts are provided.

All in all, students are finding new ways to exercise by themselves or even with their teammates.

“Working out and getting my exercise in has definitely been different during quarantine,” Wofsy said, “but I have been able to adjust and actually really like what I am doing right now.”