Discomfort prevails in cheer game-day uniforms

Staples cheerleaders wearing gameday uniforms on the football field sideline during a Friday night game at Norwalk High School.

Photos taken by Gilad Gat

Staples cheerleaders wearing gameday uniforms on the football field sideline during a Friday night game at Norwalk High School.

Whether it’s a girl decked out in a full cheerleading uniform: skirt and bow, or a boy wearing a suit and tie, Staples students aim to stand out on game days. But whether it is 80 degrees or in the low 30s, mini skirts are still mandatory for cheerleaders, despite the incredibly frigid temperatures.

In order to accommodate harsh weather conditions, while still allowing teams to hype their spirits and inspire school support for the upcoming event, student athletes should be given alternate options for their game day outfit. 

As the first football game of the season came fast approaching, my team and I were eager to wear our new sparkly cheer uniforms to school. It was the first time we could showcase our new outfits and get into the spirit for the upcoming game that night. As I walked down the hallways, I could feel the electricity and excitement in my chest, even through the skin tight navy and silver long sleeve top.

That first game day feeling in the uniform was unforgettable. Not only was it very fun for all of us, but I also didn’t have to think about what my outfit would be for school the next day (an extra bonus). However, as the season went on, the weather started to cool down dramatically. Before the heat turned on in the building, not wearing full-length pants was dreadful for me.

I was able to persevere through the fall season, but uniforms didn’t end there; it was basketball season. Wearing mini skirts in the middle of winter has been one of my biggest struggles year long. My legs are constantly shaking in class from the cold air, especially when I have to walk to my mom’s car in the afternoon. Wearing short skirts in winter can also be distracting. If I’m sitting in class and my legs begin to shake, my mind will wander, thinking about methods to make them warm up. 

Consequently, I feel as though making an alternative option for athletes to wear when the weather conditions get bad will help to eliminate these issues. The future seniors should try to make an executive decision for an alternate attire option in order to comfort all individuals, including themselves since they have suffered through the cold temperatures along with the other cheerleaders. Especially for cheerleaders in the frightful winter, leggings or sweatpants is an option that should be available to continue the long lasting tradition of dressing up for game days, while still keeping all student athletes feeling comfortable.