Girls’ field hockey secures third consecutive state victory


The Staples field hockey team secures the title of state champions after their game against Cheshire.

The girls’ field hockey team defeated Cheshire in the state championship game with a score of 2-0 on Sunday, Nov. 18.  

Kyle Kirby ’20 scored both goals on two of the 14 penalty corners Staples earned throughout the game.

“Corners are great because it was the one time when we had an advantage in the amount of players in the circle which we really capitalized on,” Olivia Bernard ’21 said. “Kyle was able to get something on goal.”

Staples defense, led by captains Elle Fair ’19 and Grace Cooper ‘20, quickly stopped Chesire’s attempts to advance down the field. This allowed the Wreckers to retain possession for the majority of the game, despite their opponent’s tough defense inside the circle.

“[Staples was] just pressuring [Cheshire] all the time,” the team’s athletic trainer Tim Taylor said. “Staples was not going to lose this game. They were all over them. They came to win today.”

Both teams had undefeated regular seasons and lost in their respective county championships. Many Staples players credit the victory to their determination to fulfill their season-long goal of a third consecutive state championship, or a  “three-peat.”

“We honestly won for each other. We know how hard we all try and that makes everyone work that much harder,” goalie Bridget Mulloy ’19 said. “It feels great to be state champs considering it’s what we work all season for.”