Students stay home for Homecoming

We’ve got spirit, yes we do.

We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?

Homecoming festivities have begun, and while the big event of September is a necessary social event for some Staples students, it’s a complete bust for others.

Although Pep Rally and Spirit Week are meant to ignite students’ school spirit lost in the bustle of summer, some students find that these events are more of a nuisance than a celebration.

Football jocks shouting rhythmic cheers, rocking the bleachers and raising homemade posters in the musty air, believe it or not, might repel some social groups.

“Most of us are not very big, social people,” Jonathan Alter ’17 said, referring to his close-knit group of friends. “We tend to be a smaller group.”

Alter avoids Homecoming altogether, and while the devout sports fans are crammed into compact bleachers, Alter may be found playing a round of tennis, practicing the violin or really doing anything to keep himself happy.

Tyler  Byrd ’15 also dodges the busy atmosphere. “I’ll probably just go home and watch TLC,” Byrd said, continuing with the statement that the games’ best attraction is the concession stand, but she’ll be home catching up on last week’s “Cake Boss”, so she’s not really missing much!

In regards to Spirit Week, Byrd’s effort in is minimal. “If I have it I’ll wear but if I don’t, whatever,” Byrd said.

“It’s not that we’re trying to be unsupportive of Staples, nor the football team,” Alter said “It’s just not really an event that any of us have much interest in going to.”

Quincy Stein ’15 shares their perspective on the brief attentiveness of Homecoming. She however recognizes what avid fans might appreciate most, “The idea of being part of something that is bigger than themselves.”

Angie Parmar ’16, a devout fan of Homecoming, admires the high energy and fast pace of the event. “The whole school just comes together and everyone shows support for their team,” Parmar said. “It’s like a party!”

About Spirit Week, “You’ve got to go all out,” Parmar said. “What makes it fun is if everyone in the school does it.”