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Francesca Truitt
For an active, energetic, friendly member of the Staples community, Francesca “Frenchy” Truitt ’17 sure does apologize a lot. In fact, don’t let her read this bio - she’ll probably feel the need to apologize for it.
A member of both the school’s cross country and track teams, bass player in sophomore orchestra, and, of course, staff writer for Inklings, Truitt demonstrates herself to be an involved team player with a wide variety of interests.
A self-described humanities student, Truitt loves the arts. In fact, she sacrificed the opportunity to have a free in order to fit both her musical and journalistic interests into her schedule.
The only thing more impressive than Truitt’s already-diverse set of interests and activities is her seemingly endless eagerness to branch out into more areas of the Staples community. For example, she’s aiming to hone her mathematical skills in this, her sophomore year.
“I’m trying to become a math person,” said Truitt, “like, I’m trying really hard.”
On top of that, Truitt plans to audition for Jazz Band this year. She played with her middle school’s chamber orchestra, and wants to get back the experience of playing music in a small group. Jazz Band would allow her to do that, as well as provide her the opportunity to play a different style of music.
And of course, now beginning her first year as a member of Inklings, Truitt wants to develop her journalism skills. With such a desire to contribute to the Staples community in so many ways, it couldn’t be clearer that she has nothing to apologize for.

Francesca Truitt, Staff Writer

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Francesca Truitt