Relive the not-so-fresh moments of freshman year

Ah, freshman year. The year all students would like to expunge from existence. But, for seniors, the time has come to look these memories straight in the eye, to stop feeling embarrassed about them and to let out a hearty, relieved laugh that you are no longer a freshman.

Let’s face it – you were the runt of the school. You were smaller, weaker, less socially experienced than the towering varsity football players.

“I was walking through the cafeteria and I stepped on a backpack and slipped, then fell in front of a bunch of senior guys,” Erica Hefnawy ’15 said. “And that also happened to me my senior year, so I guess I came and left the same way.”

And whether you like to admit it or not, you’ve gotten lost one, two, maybe ten times.

“I walked into the the wrong classroom once, not to mention it was full of seniors,” Jake Berman ’15 said. “They all just laughed at me. That was pretty embarrassing, to say the least.”

Some have even been caught using the bathroom, except not in the correct bathroom.

“I was peeing somewhere I was not supposed to be peeing,” Luis Cruz ’15 said. “And two girls caught me. I was like: ‘Oh.’”

It’s almost impossible to forget some of the pretty horrendous fashion choices, too. Feather extensions, anyone? Sure, they were trendy back then, but now? No, just no.

“Everyone started doing dip dye and putting feathers in their hair,” Caroline Accardi ’15 said. “I was like, this is ridiculous.  You look like birds.”

And then there was the Ugg trend. Uggs! Really?

“Let’s just say they’re called Uggs for a reason, if you catch my drift,” Campbell Marsh ’16 said.

“I mean you’re practically wearing fur, but you know […] you do what you gotta do to stay warm,” Hefnawy said.

Sure, your freshman year was pretty cringe-worthy. And in a year or two, you get to experience it all over again in college.  Lucky you.