Athleta sprints to compete

Francesca Truitt, Staff Writer

Athleta, the athletic clothing branch of  Gap, is expected to open during the first week of November as a shop for fifth source of athletic apparel in downtown Westport.

While a majority of the athletic chains downtown prioritize running apparel, Athleta has hold on a whole different market.

Athleta focuses on comfort clothing, whether it be a sweat-wicking sports bra or a cotton sewn dress for brunch.

Grace Foster ’17, a supporter of GapFit, knew of Athleta, but did not yet have apparel from the label.

“[Now that Athleta is downtown] I will probably actually buy stuff from them,” Foster said,  “instead of just looking at their stuff online and wishing that I had it.”

Fleur Byrne ’17,  said she is also likely to purchase Athleta products now that she has the ability to try on the clothing and see it in person. However, she doesn’t like the brand nearly as much as her favorites.

“A lot of it just seems like it might be for older women and not so much for teens,” Byrne said.

Giselle Briand ’17, also was not a fan of the designs. After she caught sight of the Odyssey Pullover she said. “What the heck. That looks like a potato sack,” Briand said.

Although Briand and Byrne oppose the Athleta label, a number of Staples students appreciate the unique styles. Sam Little ’17, an avid supporter of Lululemon, welcomes the newer brand despite her ties.

“I do love Nike and Lululemon, but they can be kind of basic,” Little said, suggesting that Athleta’s unique designs offer more variety.

Foster, like Little, also appreciates the distinctive style. “It’s like Victoria’s Secret,” Foster said, “where it sells everything a girl needs in her wardrobe.”

Because Athleta is to be the fifth location for athletic apparel in downtown Westport, some customers claim that it’s overkill: “Enough is enough,” Briand noted.

However, despite the abundance of athletic-based clothing companies in downtown Westport, “they will get a lot of attention in the beginning,” Briand said. “But it will eventually even out throughout the course of the year.”