Girls’ soccer kicks off new season with new coach

Just 24 months after Barry Beattie was first hired as the assistant coach for Staples girls’ varsity soccer, he is now ready to lead the team to a successful season as head coach.

Beattie, who was born and raised in Ireland, always loved playing soccer. While he originally came to America on a vacation, he managed to land a job, pack his bags and within two weeks was settled in the U.S.

Two years ago, Beattie, who previously worked for the New York-based soccer clinic academy that ran Staples’ soccer preseason camp, NOGA (No Other Game Around), was asked if he would ever consider working at Staples as an assistant coach.

“I replied, if you offered me a job, I would snap your arm off for it,” Beattie said with a laugh. “A week later I was in here working.”

On the field, Beattie’s Irish charm and optimism make him a team favorite. He describes his coaching style as never too serious and laid back.

“I like to try to be approachable for every single player,” he said. “That way they can come talk to me about their problems, and it’s not intimidating.”

Charlotte Rossi ’17, a second year varsity member, had nothing but good things to say about her coach.

“He really wants what’s best for us, and that translates into his coaching,” Rossi said. “While he has fun on the bench with us and jokes around, he also takes his job very seriously and wants the team to be successful.”

Varsity captain Lauren Garcia ’15 agreed. “He has a perfect balance of serious and fun,” Garcia said. “He makes us want to work hard and do better everyday, and he makes it enjoyable. Plus, he’s a total goofball at the same time.”

Other than Beattie’s long afternoons spent with his team, he also enjoys playing the guitar and cooking.

“It keeps me relaxed.” His absolute favorite food to cook and eat? A homemade lasagna. “But it has to be completely from scratch,” Beattie said smiling.

Belief and resilience are also major aspects of Beattie’s life. In fact, it’s one of his favorite things about the job. “I get to help kids have a massive amount of belief in themselves,” Beattie said. “Because when you have belief, you can do anything.”