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Becky Hoving

Becky Hoving, News Editor

When you hear the name Rebecca Hoving she seems like a pretty bland girl, right? But Becky KH, what she really goes by, is a different story.  Becky walks into the room and her personality fills the space with energy (almost as vibrant as her bold red hair).  Even she herself admits to always having a presence.

Although Becky’s dad is a journalist, she didn’t find her passion for journalism through him.  When she was younger her brother would always bring home the newest issue of Inklings and every time Becky would read that paper cover to cover.  So, when Becky finally entered Staples High School she did everything in her power to be apart of Inklings.
She mostly appreciates Inklings for it’s capability of tying varying communities within Staples together. Hoving states, “If you find the right people, then it’s [high school] such a better experience”.

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Becky Hoving