Bridgeport schools depart the FCIAC

Bridgeport high schools Harding and Bassick will be leaving the FCIAC at the end of the 2014 season to join the Constitution State Conference (CSC).

“We were looking to get the athletic teams in these two schools on a more competitive level with the teams that they play,” Neil Kavey, Bridgeport Public Schools Athletic Director, said.

Staples sports teams have been extremely successful against both Bridgeport public schools.  In the past 10 years, Staples football has posted an 11-0 record, including three shutouts of 30 points or more in 2006, 2008 and 2009 over Harding.

“To be honest I don’t think it affects the FCIAC too much just because they were not of great significance, but it still is sad to see those teams leave,” linebacker Jonathon Maragos ’16 said.

Both schools attempted an unsuccessful move along with Bridgeport Central to the Naugatuck Valley League in 2012, citing a lack of support among the athletic directors of the league.

This time, however, the two Bridgeport schools were welcomed with open arms to their new conference.

According to Kavey, the administration of the CSC was “receptive” to the fact neither school could participate competitively in the majority of sports.

Both Bassick and Harding are hoping for more success in their new conference.  The Bassick football, boys’ soccer and girls’ volleyball teams went a combined 8-30-1 last season, which is just a .339 winning percentage.

“It’s going to make the standings a lot closer, so each meet is going to be a lot more important,” Jacob Bonn ’17, long distance runner, said.

Bassick’s spring sports have not fared any better, as their baseball team has not won a single game against a team not located in Bridgeport in the past seven seasons, including a 19-0 loss to Staples in 2013.

Basketball is the lone sport the Bridgeport Public Schools have excelled in during their 21 year tenure, including 28 boy’s state championships between Harding and Bassick, most recently in 2001.

Bridgeport Central was the 2014 state champion, but they will not make the move to the CSC since they are a Class LL school, while most of the teams in the conference are Class S and L.  According to a U.S. World News report, Central’s student body is almost twice as large as both Bassick and Harding.

“The FCIAC has been a great partner for us. They’ve been helpful for us in many ways, in support of our schools, and for us it’s a win-win situation for these two teams,” Kavey said.