Thanksgiving traditions help spread love and gratitude


Photo contributed by Julia Y Sus Recetas.

A tortilla de patata is a spanish omelette that contains eggs and potatoes. It is a national dish by Spaniards but can be enjoyed at any time, such as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for tradition spent with friends and family. Staples students have a variety of their own unique traditions that they engage in during Thanksgiving. These activities help students develop their gratitude and bring together their loved ones. 

Many like to embrace the sense of family during Thanksgiving by using recipes that have been passed down through generations. While some may use the typical mashed potato or stuffing recipe, Ella Moore ’25 likes to make popovers.

“My favorite meal at Thanksgiving is popovers. It’s pretty unpopular but me and my mom always make them together. My mom’s mom passed the recipe down to her,” Moore  said.

For those who are unfamiliar, a popover is a buttery bread roll that is made with an egg batter and without any yeast. Popovers are lighter and  more airy than a typical bread roll and are usually baked in a muffin tin so they resemble the shape of a cupcake.

Students who are Thanksgiving fanatics spend their family time making festive treats. While some assist their parents with the gravy or mashed potatoes, Jack Whittle ’23 likes to be hands on with the turkey.

“Each year, I help my dad and my grandpa with cutting the turkey for the rest of my family,” Whittle said.

While time off for Thanksgiving is spent baking and cooking for some, others see it as an opportunity to be active in preparation for the big feast.

“I go on a five mile run with my dad every Thanksgiving morning to the beach. It’s a pre-turkey run,” Caroline Caggiano ’23 said.

The Turkey Trot is another annual event that brings together friends and family in an active way. In neighboring towns such as Norwalk and Southport, they offer the Turkey Trot which is typically a three to eight mile run or walk. 

For those who don’t spend Thanksgiving here in America, a typical Thanksgiving can look fairly unconventional. Some may host their family members from distant countries, while others may voyage to various destinations. As a result, students sometimes eat untraditional Thanksgiving meals that incorporate other cuisines besides turkey.

“Each year for Thanksgiving I travel to Spain to visit my family,” Pia Dottori ’23 said. “Our typical meals consist of tortilla de patata, croquettes and tapas.”