Increased Covid-19 cases in students 11 and under


Infographic by Ava Cordella '24

Kids 11 and under are more susceptible to getting Covid-19 because they are not eligible for the vaccine. Now, K-12 schools, like Westport Public Schools, face the impact.

In just three weeks into the new school year, Westport Public Schools has had a total of 71 individuals with confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 and 168 individuals who have been quarantined, according to Westport Public Schools COVID-19 dashboard.

Though this group of staff and students includes a wide range of ages, the majority are unvaccinated due to the age limit of the COVID-19 vaccine. Camryn Nazem ’31, a student at Coleytown Elementary School, talks about what it is like in her third grade classroom. 

“Covid [has] gotten better from last year, like we don’t need plexiglass anymore, but we have to wash our hands more,” Nazem said. 

Covid [has] gotten better from last year, like we don’t need plexiglass anymore, but we have to wash our hands more.

— Camryn Nazem '31

According to Nazem, she understands the importance of these precautions as well as the importance of the vaccine. She claims to not be scared of contracting Covid because of the daily practice of health and safety procedures in her school, such as hand washing and the face mask requirement. However, she realizes that her peers may not feel the same sense of security.

Many elementary school parents stay updated with the news and notices involving the pandemic. Educating their children on Covid-19 and its effect on the world has proven to help them understand what the vaccine is and how it helps.

People who are unable to get vaccinated face higher risks of contracting the virus, while fully vaccinated individuals limit the risk of transmission.

According to the CDC, “The greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people who are much more likely to get infected, and therefore transmit the virus. Fully vaccinated people get COVID-19 (known as breakthrough infections) less often than unvaccinated people.”

This makes it even more crucial to get vaccinated and follow CDC guidelines when it comes to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.