Spring break brings students opportunities to engage in various activities


Photo by Natasha Taubenheim '22

Many students who stayed in Westport over the break occupied their time off by playing sports, spending time with friends and going to Compo beach.

Pink flowers budding, birds singing, increased sunshine and gorgeous green grass thawing. The excitement of stepping into the warm, outdoor air and feeling the sun brush against your skin is unmatched. Winter and February break are enjoyable of course, but nothing holds a match to the elation of spring fever.

Spring break typically occurs in early April and lasts about a week. Many students treasure this time off as the weather is beginning to transition to a warmer climate which allows for more outdoor activities.

“I love spring because it has perfect weather and it makes me feel like summer is closer,” Nicole Cerrito ’22 said. “Not only is there spring break, but we get classes outside and can play sports in warmer temperatures.”

The spring break experience is a traditional and highly anticipated week for Staples students. Whether staying in Westport for sports purposes, touring colleges or vacationing with friends, it is awaited and planned far in advance. 

Spring break in the 2019-20 school year was eliminated due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staples students and staff were quarantined, and school was conducted remotely for the rest of the school year. People were strongly discouraged from going away or even seeing their friends. However, as vaccinations are being distributed and travel is becoming easier, this year’s break occurred in a more traditional manner.   

“This year, my family is driving to Charleston, South Carolina where my aunt lives,” Emmy Marcus ’22 said. “My siblings and I are so excited to see my cousins because it has been almost two years.”

Some students are using family vacations as a time to visit  colleges and universities as well. Not only is this convenient, but necessary as touring colleges has been a difficult task during the pandemic. 

“I will also be seeing colleges on the way to Charleston. I think this break is a great opportunity to get out of town while being safe,” Marcus said. “Going on tours has been tough this year, but I am excited to get a good idea of the schools I am interested in.”

Some students, typically seniors, go on vacations together over the break. This is a way to enjoy a change in scenery as well as spend time with close friends before separating and leaving for college. 

“My friends and I are going on a road trip over break and I’m pretty stoked about it,” Jed Saltus ’21 said.

Rather than going away, some students stay home to hang out with friends or play their sport. There are typically spring sports games and practices despite the academic break. 

I think this break is a great opportunity to get out of town while being safe.

— Emmy Marcus '22

“I’m not going anywhere over spring break because I have baseball,” Michael Porzio ’23 said. “I am super excited for break and to be able to play this year.”

Unlike last year’s unfortunate circumstance, students have a variety of options on what they can do over the spring break. These new possibilities are bringing hope and eagerness for summer and the opening of more opportunities as we begin to leave COVID-19 in the past.

“While it will be slightly different this year,” Marcus said, “I’m glad I get the opportunity to go away and have a more normal spring break experience.”