COVID-19 impacts students’ February break plans


Photo contributed by Ashely Julien ’23

Travelers in EGE airport in Colorado stay six feet apart from others while waiting in security lines.

While COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming more widely available, February break plans were still impacted. However, Staples students found their own ways to keep themselves busy while staying safe during the week off from school. 

Especially with the dangers of the COVID-19 variants, many avoided traveling. New variants are said to spread more quickly, leading to a larger increase of confirmed cases. As a result, many students opted to spend time at home.

Coco Laska ’23 would have been spending her February break in Costa Rica with the Builders Beyond Borders (B3) organization.

“If COVID-19 didn’t exist, I’d probably be going on B3 again this year,” Laska said. “But because of the pandemic, the trip got canceled this year, which upset me because I enjoyed it last year and was looking forward to it again.” 

With the continuation of snowfall in town, warm weather is desirable for many in mid February. Jess Mysel ’23 normally spends her February breaks in Mexico with her family and family friends. However, due to the on-going pandemic, flying out of the country did not sound like the best idea. 

“We want to stay safe and try our best to avoid unnecessary traveling because there really is no need for it,

— Jess Mysel ’23

“My family and I decided it was best for us to stay here this break,” Mysel said. “We want to stay safe and try our best to avoid unnecessary traveling because there really is no need for it.” 

While some students still planned on going away for February break, they adhered to COVID-19 precautions. 

“My plan for February break is that I’m going to Florida,” Megan Lynch ’21 said. “Some precautions that I’m taking in order to be safe is to test twice before I travel, as well as testing and quarantining when I get home.” 

A majority of students, though, stayed home during break so that they could stay safe and steer clear of contracting the virus. 

“My parents aren’t comfortable with the idea of going on the plane or staying in hotels,” Madison Mayr ’24 said.” We’re just going to stay home and find something to do around here, maybe go into the city for the day.”